Birth Stones

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Month Gemstones Color Meaning Qualification
January Garnet Deep Red A symbol of purity, friendship, loyalty Increase security, victory and happy forever
February Amethyst Violet A symbol of honesty, peace of mind Calm, clever, good luck
March Aquamarine Light Blue A symbol of calm and brave, happiness and longevity To protect the invisible evil, kindness, successful
April Diamond White/Clear A symbol of purity Increase kindness, love, protection
May Emerald Green A symbol of love and life lucky in love, wealth, out of dangerous
June Pearl White A symbol of happiness, noble peace and good fortune Charm, kindness, love, family
July Ruby Red A symbol of love Increase life vitality, charm, supportive, creative
August Peridot Light Green A symbol of peace, happiness, serenity and other good wishes Confidence, integrity, wealth
September Sapphire Deep blue A symbol of loyalty, faithfulness, love and honesty Safe and bring good luck
October Opal Milky A symbol of accomplish, love Fulfillment, love, charm, talent
November Citrine Yellow A symbol of friendship and happiness Loyalty, power, wealth
December Turquoise Milky Blue A symbol of victory, good luck, guarantee of success Increase success, fame, money, friendship